Peano’s Axioms and Propositional Logic

Scientists are curious folk. They are overjoyed when they are right, and they are happy even when they are wrong – for they see it as an opportunity to learn from their mistakes.

Nothing goes to the dustbin in science.

There is a big debate about whether mathematics can be considered as a science. The modern day notion is that it cannot, for science is about things that can be proved or disproved experimentally. But I have always considered math to be a part of science. For god’s sake, consider it as a honorary member. Without it, almost no branch of science would exist.

As some of you might have gleaned from the heading – today’s post is about math. It all started over dinner today, when me and my friends somehow started talking about erroneous proofs in mathematics.

Proving 2=1

Erroneous proofs in math, also called Mathematical Fallacies, have great pedagogic value. Consider this proof for “2 is equal to 1”,



But is that the only mistake???
It most certainly is not – and the second mistake is the more interesting of the two.
Be warned – do not click on read more if you want to figure out the mistake yourself.
Also be warned – I do pure math, which is sometimes more dangerous than pure meth. Read on only if you are into it.

It is not often that you know something and Wikipedia doesn’t 😀

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Installing Latex in Linux behind IITG Proxy

B.Tech Project

A few months ago, around April 2017, I had to submit the report for my B.Tech Project.

The good news was, I had written my report in a Google Doc, well in advance.

The bad news was that I didn’t know that the report was to be in Latex.

But I still had 12 hours and I was confident in my ability to learn Latex and rewrite the report in that time. After all, I know C++, Java and Python. Compared to the “big three”, Latex is like HTML.

I love Linux. I know I say this in each post of mine, but I cant help it. But this is a story where Linux failed to help me I was not good enough to solve my problem using Linux.

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Using pigz(pig-zee) to compress files in parallel

The story – don’t worry, I kept it short this time

All the files from the past 4-5 years, which I usually dumped into folders haphazardly – had to be cleaned. And so I did.

At some point during the cleaning, I needed to compress some 10Gb of data. Being the Linux Lover I am, I was going to use the tar command. I wouldn’t write a blog about using the tar command normally. There are several websites which have examples for that. Read on to see what is pigz

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Using computers for their original purpose.

Well, computers were invented to perform mundane tasks, so everyone who knows how to use a computer should know how do automate file and folder operations right?

This is your opportunity to pick up a few tricks that will give you a boost towards being the top-geek.

When I need to automate something, I usually run some scripts. These are small pieces of code written in some language which will automate the task for me. Let me show you what’s up my sleeve.

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The concept of Joint-Probability


As a mathematical construct, probability is one of the few which feels intuitive. It’s not like Linear Algebra, which requires some imagination to think in n-dimensional spaces.

But… add another word in front of it, and you get something that seems to make no sense.

Yup. I took a Probability and Random Processes course in my undergrad, and Joint-Probability was the most difficult concept to wrap my head around. Let’s have a look at it through a unique example.

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